Managed Connectivity Services

Internet Connectivity

The growth in data and in turn the requirement to have information transferred from one location to another has resulted in businesses seeking faster internet connections, that are also guaranteed reliable.

These dedicated connections are known as leased lines, and are specifically designed with the lowest latency and are not contended like broadband is, enabling them to deliver some of the highest service level agreements and internet connection uptimes available.

When procured through Create IT, we will manage and monitor your connection, inclusive of taking care of the equipment that connects you to the outside world.

Managed Wi-Fi

Over the past decade wireless technology has transformed the way we live and work; not having a solution, or having one that isn’t secure and properly maintained and monitored can have a very negative impact on your business.

Create IT designs managed wi-fi networks that bring increased security, 24/7 monitoring, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) controls, and guest network authentication portals that deliver a secure and reliable connection to your team and visitors.

This all helps to ensure that you’re projecting the image of an organisation that cares about both the security and service availability, and is underpinned by technology that proves it.

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