Migrate to the Cloud

Solving business challenges, both simple and complex is what we do. In this short video we talk about what that means for the Create IT team.

We have the design, development and business experience to take your cloud business transformation project from initial-concept to implementation.

Some examples of the transformation work we undertake include:

  • Migration of physical servers to virtual
  • Integration of virtual desktops
  • Moving on-premise security, email and data to 365
  • Developing SharePoint and Teams sites for collaboration
  • Creating hybrid environments to bridge technologies
  • Enforcing BYOD policies and securing network resources

Our customers never feel shackled to the technologies that we use. The standardised use of open technologies means customers have the freedom to chose us, or other managed service providers, for ongoing maintenance and evolution.

We find this freedom inspires loyalty, and our customers have the confidence that when we manage their day-to-day IT operations we genuinely have their best interests in mind.

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Success Stories

What our clients say

Tripod Group

Justin Hinkson


West Berkshire Mencap

Tony Ferguson

Project Manager

Sys-Teams UK

Mark Robbins

Technical Manager

We are a technology bound business, and we needed hands-on management to help us grow. We wanted to work with a business which was professional but also personable, and that is Create IT in a nutshell.

It was important to us to have someone we could trust; it wasn’t about cost. We wanted to work with a company that has your best interests at heart and will give you the best they can.

It’s their personable approach which really makes them stand out from the crowd, and the working relationships which they are really good at cultivating.

We knew some of the people at Create IT and we received a personal introduction as well. As you can imagine, we were looking for a company that would offer value for money, and they don’t just live in the ‘tech’ world; they can understand the complexities facing a charity and explain the solutions in plain English.

Having known the team at Create IT for some time they always delivered when we brought them in for smaller IT projects. Which is why Sys-Teams stuck with them when we landed a major telecoms provider as a client wanting to use our audio visual expertise.

We would absolutely recommend Create IT; they have a dedicated support team and you can always get hold of someone when you need them. That said, they monitor our systems and will sometimes spot a problem and solve it before we even knew there was a problem!