Established in 2013, with a turnover of £80m+, Tripod Group needed a fully managed IT service inclusive of advanced technologies that enable them to tightly control their business activities and maintain competitive advantage.


Tripod Group was looking for stability with it’s IT platform, as well as simplicity and speed of response. They were looking for an IT company that could give the personal touch and be a single source for their IT procurement needs (including 365, advanced security controls, hardware devices and complex software solutions).


  • Managed IT Support
  • Hardware / Software Procurement
  • Email Security and Anti-SPAM
  • Microsoft 365
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Teams Communications


“Having spoken directly with the SMT at Tripod, we understood that direct contact and clarity were important in setting up the service, which is no problem for the Create IT team, which enjoys being client facing. They wanted advice on a new direction in terms of IT services, and we were able to give them comprehensive help. We quickly resolved historic issues when we were brought onboard, and the relationship has helped to see Tripod Group grow from a turnover of ~3m in 2013 to over 80m in 2023.”

"We are a technology bound business, and we needed hands-on management to help us grow. We wanted to work with a business which was professional but also personable, and that is Create IT in a nutshell.

It was important to us to have someone we could trust; it wasn’t about cost. We wanted to work with a company that has your best interests at heart and will give you the best they can.

It’s their personable approach which really makes them stand out from the crowd, and the working relationships which they are really good at cultivating."

Justin Hinkson