Firsty Group has a team of experienced software and web developers with a particular interest in eCommerce and extensive knowledge of the publishing industry. With a high-quality and expanding technical team developing publisher websites and book apps, it recognises the importance and necessity of first-class IT support.


Firsty Group wanted to work with a local IT supplier and needed to migrate all its PCs and other devices to a hosted platform.

This was a change for the group as they had previously relied on in-house support. The company wanted to find a local IT business to support the local economy, but also to have the right people close at hand when urgent IT help was required.


  • Managed IT Support
  • Microsoft 365
  • Managed Cybersecurity
  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Security and Anti-SPAM


“The team at Firsty was delighted with how the migration went. We made sure there was no interruption to service, which had been one of their concerns, and we worked around them to make sure their clients experienced no delays and got the service they normally expected.”

"The service provision from the very beginning has been consistently excellent. Everything we’ve asked for has been done quickly and support has always been delivered in a professional and friendly way. So when our own clients needed hosted email support, or were migrating to new servers, or simply needed IT support, we felt very confident in recommending Create IT.

Create IT has been brilliant. When we took the step to outsource our IT needs, we never believed we would find such a responsive and supportive supplier. And more than that – a supplier that has become a partner who can support our clients in the same way that it supports the Firsty Group."

Darin Brockman

Founder and CEO