Based in London, Connex is a leading teaching and education agency, supplying teachers and support staff for nurseries, primary and secondary schools as well as special education establishments.


Create IT was first approached to simply provide support and maintenance across 15 servers for 40 members of staff. Given the quality of the work and the rapport and professionalism, Connex asked Create IT to virtualise their entire infrastructure and host it offsite.


  • Managed IT Support
  • Hardware / Software Procurement
  • Email Security and Anti-SPAM
  • SharePoint Consultancy
  • Microsoft 365


“We work very closely with Connex Education, and have a great relationship with them. The initial request led to further work, and recently we’ve helped them migrate to 365.

Each relationship is unique, depending on what the client needs, and Connex is one of our managed service clients which means we have developed good working relationships with their team at all levels. We’ve been working with them for many years, and the strength of the relationship was demonstrated when recently they signed another three-year agreement.”

"We had never outsourced before, and were impressed with the recommendation we received about Create IT’s work.

We had lost faith in our previous provider, and we wanted to achieve certain goals, in terms of our business, which Create IT helped us to do and added real value. Create IT embodies the belief that IT should be there to help a business and find productivity gains. They have really engaged with us, and created a platform that we can use with ease, that is more efficient and less time-consuming."

Mark Beedles

Managing Director