We have the design and development experience to take your projects right through from concept to implementation. New core technologies and frameworks have given us the tools to create bespoke systems more quickly than ever before.

A client of Create IT never has to feel shackled to the technologies that we use. The standardised use of open technologies means they have the freedom to chose us, or other developers, for ongoing maintenance and evolution / changes.

We find this freedom inspires loyalty, and our clients have the proof that when we manage day-to-day operations we genuinely have their best interests in mind.

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Create IT bought SureMessage Ltd, an anti-spam service provider, in 2013. We devised a new online web billing system to change the previous administrative problems.

The billing process was streamlined so that the monthly calculations are imported into new accounting software, which can then generate automatic and accurate invoices for clients.

A process which previously took 38 man-hours, was stripped down to half an hour of work with zero mistakes.

“Companies are not always aware of new tools that can save them time and money. That’s where we come in,” explains Director Chris Clarke.

“It’s our job to help you make the right IT choices for your business. We can help you reduce overheads without throwing out everything you’re used to. We can make IT a seamless part of your business, and make it work for you, not cripple you.”