fernCreate IT has a strong ethos shared by all our staff: we believe you should only use the IT services that you need to help your business reach its goals and its growth potential. We stick to the scope of the challenge and deliver what is necessary.

We enable you to grow your business easily and naturally. Let IT work for you, not hinder you. Your IT infrastructure should be an invisible partner.

  • Streamlining services
  • Simplifying structure
  • Making technology transparent

You only notice IT when it goes wrong. It should work silently and efficiently in the background. But if there is a problem, we’re on hand to fix it.

Case study: See how we helped Tripod Partners grow

We are continually evaluating emerging technologies so we can supply up-to-date IT solutions to customers, and predict where the trends will go.

Use of tablets and mobile phones is now mainstream business practice, and they’re often used for very specific tasks. Desktop working is still the primary way your staff will use IT, but businesses should think about how increasing mobility will affect their plans.

To work efficiently and to encourage growth, companies are including bring-your-own-device (BYOD) as a part of their long-term plans. We can advise on how to manage moving to a self-service environment, how to compensate for unused storage in mobile devices, and how to save money.

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