server_nasOne of the most common problems facing clients and businesses is ageing IT infrastructure, and one of the most common misconceptions is that a recent installation equals future proofing and longevity.

IT solutions can change dramatically in just a few short years and we are best placed to offer the most realistic and cost effective solutions.

Maintaining old hardware is a false economy. While migrating to new servers or moving away from hardware ownership entirely can carry an initial expense, done properly and with the right advice you will save money year-on-year.

Case Study: See how we helped Connex Education become more efficient

We advise clients about energy-management for IT systems, and the emergence of this as a necessary discipline. There is a growing need to analyse the performance per kilowatt used, and we can help you have the right systems and infrastructure in place.

One of the top things on our clients’ wish list is bandwidth consistency, and using our cloud services we can ensure your data can move quickly. While use of the cloud is becoming more common, there are many performance benefits that remain unknown, and unused, by businesses – you can talk with us about resource management and ways to get the most from your systems.

We keep our own business up to date with new technologies, and enjoy finding solutions to common or unexpected issues that our clients may face. Our goal is to help you make your business more efficient.

Some of the services we provide:

  • on-demand telephone support
  • server configuration, support, maintenance and monitoring
  • network design, installation, management and monitoring
  • maintenance and support of all in-house technology systems, including back-ups
  • bespoke software development, working with the latest Microsoft technologies to design and build custom solutions.

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