This time our look at the apps that come with Microsoft’s Office 365 turns to Yammer: Microsoft’s business collaboration and social networking tool.

Bring your team together for conversations, collaboration on files, and more

Yammer logoMicrosoft’s enterprise social networking tool, Yammer, allows your teams to stay in touch and work together no matter where they are, building team cohesion and fostering communication.

Just as you would organise an activity with a group of friends on social media, you can use Yammer to organise meetings and pass on information to your work colleagues.

What you see

Office 365 - YammerClicking on the Yammer logo in the Office 365 menu will open a new tab in your browser for Yammer. If you’re new to Yammer you’ll want to finish filling in your profile and join some groups.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  1. The list of groups you belong to, along with the ability to search for groups and to create your own
  2. Options for your own post, including ‘Update’, ‘Poll’ and ‘Praise’, to help keep your colleagues up-to-date with your thoughts and activities
  3. Posts from the people in your groups
  4. A pop-up list of who’s online, which allows direct messaging, plus recent activity and other information.

Using Yammer

If you’ve used Facebook, you’ll know how to use Yammer. You can:

  • Update your status and include links, photographs and video
  • Like, reply and share other people’s posts
  • Filter your posts by ‘All’, ‘Following’ and ‘Discovery’, which will introduce you to what’s happening in other groups in the company.

Clicking on a group in the menu at the left changes the experience. Now you have the ability to see New and All conversations, plus Files and Notes.

You can share something with that group only, and only members of that group will be able to see it, which includes any shared files and notes.

Files and Notes

Office 365 - YammerFiles and notes help foster collaboration in your team, as team members can upload files to share with the group as well as leave notes for other team members in the group, who can all edit the note – your team bulletin board.

Yammer mobile app

There’s also a mobile app for Yammer, available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile that you can easily use on the move.

Integration with other Office 365 apps

Yammer is more standalone than other Office 365 apps, and doesn’t integrate with OneDrive, Outlook or People, but it offers the social networking experience for work, something that people are already comfortable using.

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