Another instalment in our continuing look at the apps that come with Microsoft’s Office 365 – the Video app.

Viewing and sharing videos with your colleagues

Office 365 Video AppThe Video app in Office 365 allows you to stream videos to people in your organisation – whether it’s training videos, staff announcements, valuable presentations or anything your organisation needs to keep everyone informed.

Videos can be uploaded by dragging and dropping, as you would with a document in OneDrive, and are sorted into channels. The viewing permissions for channels can be controlled by the person who created the channel or who has been added as a channel editor.

What you see

Office 365 Video AppWhen you click on the Video app icon in the Office 365 menu, you’ll be taken to the Video Home page. Across the top is the navigation menu with a search button, the Home and Channels links, and a link to upload videos to a channel.

By default you’re taken to the Home page, where you’ll see a list of trending and spotlighted videos.


The Home page allows you to discover trending and spotlighted videos and channels. Trending videos are the current most popular videos in your organisation, while each video admin can choose to spotlight three channels and four videos to appear on the Home page.


Office 365 Video AppTo view the channels that you have permission to see, choose Channels from the navigation bar and you’ll be presented with a list of channels available to view. Selecting a channel will show you that channel’s list of videos, plus trending videos within that channel.

Video formats

The Office 365 Video app steams video using HTML5 – all major browsers can now support HTML5 video streaming. When uploading a video a wide variety of codecs and formats are supported.

Using Video

Office 365 Video AppTo create and populate a Channel you need to have the correct permissions. If you have those permission you would choose ‘New channel’ from the navigation menu, give the channel a name and choose a highlight colour for it. When your channel is created, upload your videos, and name and tag them so that they can be found easier using the Video app search.

Uploading a video is easy if you have the permissions to do so – just drag and drop.

A video needs to be processed by the server so it can be streamed and searched, which takes a little time, but once it’s ready you’ll see it in your channel list. You can change the thumbnail on the video or just use the automatically generated thumbnail.

Integration with other Office 365 apps

Video is integrated with the People app, in order to allow you to set permissions for channels. Items uploaded to the Video app can be shared on Yammer, or by Outlook email.

There is a mobile app available for Office 365 Video on iOS.

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