Create IT continue our series of blogs introducing the apps that come with Microsoft’s Office 365 with a look at PowerPoint Online.

Create, edit and share PowerPoint presentations online

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Online app is a very capable tool that allows you to create or edit and then share PowerPoint presentations with your colleagues entirely from a web browser. The files created by PowerPoint Online are fully compatible with any desktop version of PowerPoint that can open and save the standard pptx files.

Additionally, if you need to make amendments to an existing presentation you can invite your colleagues to co-edit any PowerPoint presentation that you’ve saved to OneDrive for Business or to SharePoint Online for Office 365.

What you’ll see

Microsoft PowerPoint Online – Office 365PowerPoint Online is launched from the Office 365 menu. A new browser tab will open and show the initial screen that allows you to create a new presentation from a template or to open an existing presentation. Here’s what you’ll see:

  1. The list of your recently opened presentations
  2. The new blank presentation template, plus other templates available online
  3. ‘Get PowerPoint for your device’, and your Office 365 account links.

Choosing to open an existing file or create a new one will lead to the familiar PowerPoint editing screen, with the tab menu that has been a part of Office since Office 2007.

Main features of the editing screen:

  1. office-365-powerpoint-online-what-you-see-2The tabs menu, with File, Home, Insert, Design, Transitions and all of the tabs you’re used to seeing in PowerPoint, including a link to ‘Edit in PowerPoint’ for the desktop
  2. The slide selection list
  3. The editing field to edit each slide
  4. Links to add notes, change your language, preview the presentation and increase or decrease the zoom
  5. The Share button, which allows you to share the presentation with your colleagues either in view-only mode or as co-editors.

Using PowerPoint Online

Microsoft PowerPoint Online – Office 365In keeping with the other Office Online apps, PowerPoint Online automatically saves your document as you edit and change it – there is no ‘Save’ button. However, when you select the File menu, you have the option to ‘Save as’, which is where you can change the name of your presentation. The default location for saving presentations is your OneDrive for Business folder.

From here you can also download a copy to your computer, either as a pptx file or as an odp (Open Document Presentation) file.

As with Word Online and Excel Online, the familiar tab menu is nearly as feature complete as the desktop version of PowerPoint. Here’s a comparison of the menus between PowerPoint Online (top) and PowerPoint 2013 (bottom):

Microsoft PowerPoint Online – Office 365
Comparing PowerPoint Online tabs (top) with PowerPoint 2013 (bottom)


There’s not too much missing, and if you need access to the extras in the desktop PowerPoint, just click on ‘Edit in PowerPoint’.

Real time collaboration

As with the other Office Online apps, you can invite colleagues to edit a presentation along with you, saving time emailing it back and forth.

Integration with other Office 365 apps

PowerPoint Online saves documents to your OneDrive folder, where you can share them with people in your team, attach them in emails, download them to your desktop or share them on SharePoint.

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