Create IT’s continuing examination of the apps that are included with Microsoft’s Office 365 continues with an introduction to OneNote Online.

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Microsoft OneNote Online – Office 365OneNote Online in Office 365, much like its sister apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online, is a capable online version of the OneNote that comes with Microsoft Office.

With OneNote Online you can create and share notes for any topic you wish and synchronise them, through your Office 365 subscription, with your desktop OneNote as well as mobile OneNote apps on Android, iPhone and Windows 10 Mobile.

Select OneNote Online in the list of apps on Office 365 and a new tab will open with a blank note, or the previous note you had opened.

What you’ll see

OneNote Online is, like the other Office Online apps, very similar to the desktop version. The standard tab menu is visible across the top has most of the options available in the desktop version, and is pinnable to the top of the window, or will auto-hide, which is the default.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see.

  1. Microsoft OneNote Online – Office 365Your list of notebooks. You can have many notebooks on many subjects, making your notes easier to organise
  2. Find on this page – a text search of the page you currently have open
  3. List of pages in the currently selected notebook. Just like notebooks, you can have many pages within a notebook for ease of organisation
  4. Your notes on the page you have selected. Notes can include formattable text, copied & pasted links, images, tables, audio recordings and meeting details from Outlook calendar
  5. The tab menu. This section of OneNote Online also has a link to edit your notebook in the desktop version of OneNote
  6. The share button, to share your notes with colleagues.

Using OneNote Online

Like the other Office Online apps, OneNote notes are automatically saved into your OneDrive for Business folder – there is no need to remember to click a Save button.

The main tab menu contains File, Home, Insert, View and Print. Help is available in the File menu, as well as another way of printing and sharing pages and notebooks.

Using OneNote is easy – just type, copy & paste or insert the information you want in your note. Formatting is available on the Home tab. Notebooks and pages can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the notebook or page you want to move.

Sharing notes

Microsoft OneNote Online – Office 365You can easily share a note with a colleague to let them collaborate with you on research for your project, for example. Clicking on the Share button at the top of the page will load a Share window, allowing you to invite people to edit or just view a page. You can require the invited person to be signed in to Office 365.

Starting to type the name of the person you want to share the note with will link to the People app and OneNote will make suggestions of people as you type.

You can also share by sending a link that you can manually email to those people you want to share the note with. The link can be set to expire, should you choose, and various requirements regarding signing in to see the shared note can be set when you click ‘Get a link’.

Integration with other Office 365 apps

OneNote Online saves your notes to your OneDrive folder. It also integrates with the People app for sharing of notes.

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