Since Create IT started our introductory blogs about the apps that come with Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft has released more functionality to Office 365, so today we’ll have a look at Microsoft Flow – what it is and how to get started with it.

Automate your business processes

microsoft flow iconMicrosoft Flow is a new addition to Office 365 – a web-based automated workflow app that helps you manage your business processes and repetitive tasks by turning them into multistep workflows.

You can start with a template or create your own Flow from scratch by adding conditions for actions for external services, such as Twitter or MailChimp, as well as connecting to your business’ own data and cloud services, so you can make better use of the data that your business already produces.

On the security side, you can ring-fence your sensitive company data and protect it from being used in public web services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.

What you see

my flowsStarting Flow for the first time from the list of apps in Office 365 will show you this screen, which will be populated by Flows once you create them. You can use the buttons at the top or bottom to create your own new flow, or choose a template to start from.

Choosing to create from a template will take you to a page listing all of the available templates, which you can filter and sort to help you find the one you want.

Creating your own Flow

microsoft flow what you seeCreating a Flow of your own from scratch takes you to a new page where you can:

  1. Name your Flow
  2. Choose a triggers and actions
  3. Create the Flow

Triggers come with a long list of app integration, from Basecamp and Blogger, through Dynamics 365, GitHub and MailChimp to SharePoint, Visual Studio, Wunderlist and many more.

microsoft flow triggersYou will need to have any appropriate logins to hand to create many of these Flows.

A Flow can be as simple as just two steps to notify you of an activity, to multistep Flows that trigger actions based on your conditions.

In this sample, when a new tweet is posted the Flow will end up adding a new record in Dynamics, and a new member to a MailChimp list based on conditions being met.

Integration with Office 365

Microsoft Flow integrates with Office 365 through the actions and triggers in a Flow – you can choose to have an email sent to a colleague, a meeting created in your calendar, monitor files added to SharePoint and much more.

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Future posts and more details

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