Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a group of business applications delivered through Office 365 that are aimed at small, medium and large businesses in retail, service, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector. The applications are grouped into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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The home for all your business apps

Dynamics 365 is billed as a single access point for your businesses apps in the cloud, from marketing and customer relations to sales and financials and much more.

Dynamics is scalable in that you can add apps as and when your business needs them, so you don’t have to buy a package of apps, some of which you may not currently need.

What you see

Microsoft Dynamics 365

When you choose the Dynamics 365 link from your Office 365 menu you’ll be presented with a list of your company’s apps in the main window.

What you see:

  1. Quick tour button, and learn more link
  2. Your company’s Dynamics 365 apps
  3. Link to AppSource to find more apps that work with Dynamics 365
  4. Sorting, filters and get more apps link.

What you can do with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365Dynamics 365 is often thought of as a high-end enterprise app solution, but Microsoft is pitching it at small and medium sized businesses as well.

They’ve been able to do this because they’ve split the apps so that you can buy only those that you need – if you’re a small business you may be more interested in having software to help you with sales and marketing so that your company can grow, perhaps adding a customer relationship manager in the future as your business requires it. Dynamics 365 can help you do that.

Integration with Office 365

Microsoft Dynamics integrates with Office 365 apps, from Excel Online to SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook. You can do CRM tasks in Outlook or ERP tasks in Excel, using the tools you’re already familiar with.

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More information on Dynamics 365

If you want to know more about Dynamics 365 and how Office 365 can help your business, contact Create IT.

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